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Renew Mind believes that we are all a part of this beautifully integrated and supportive community. Therefore, it’s important to share the knowledge with everyone and benefit the society at large. As part of our Philanthropic approach, Renew Mind is focusing at different levels of the community to bring the change.  


Focus on Young Minds & Educators

According to research, if children are made aware & helped to enhance their character strengths like kindness, empathy & self-regulation, they are better equipped to develop good habits & to handle difficult situations in their adult life. Educators as individuals need to be trained to develop compassion and help every child explore their key strengths. Renew Mind firmly believes that to make a much bigger difference for tomorrow, it is imperative that we focus on enhancing these capacities in children as well as educators today.

Focus on Police Force

When our police officers put on their uniforms, they commit to taking on the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that each day presents. The stressful nature of police work can take a toll on an officer’s well-being. Research suggests that when officers physical and mental health issues go unmanaged, job performance decreases and decision-making abilities are impaired. Renew Mind believes that it’s our duty to promote wellness programs that can improve their physical and emotional health, yielding positive outcomes and enhancing their abilities to effectively serve our communities.

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